School Activities

Sports at Newtown

If you are into competitive sports and want to join a team you should look for announcements posted on the bulletin boards outside of the girls gym office (4th floor) and the boys gym office (2nd floor). By participating in sports in high school you can improve your game, make friends and even earn college scholarships. To qualify for any sports at Newtown you must have a medical authorization form, be passing at least four classes (plus Phys Ed), have a good attendance record and be a current S.O. member.

Newtown Teams (Boys)

Newtown Teams (Girls)


2006-2007 Girls Basketball City Finalists
1999, 2000 Boys Track Queens Champions
2006, 2005 City Golf Champions
1999, 2000 Boys Soccer City Champions
2003, 2004 Girls Softball City Champions
1999, 2000 Boys Basketball City Playoffs Quarter Finals
2002 Girls Softball City Finalists
1998, 1999 Boys Basketball City Playoffs Quarter Finals
2002 Boys Basketball City Playoffs
1999, 2000 Girls Soccer City Quarter Finalists
1999, 2000 Girls Volleybll City Championships

Academic/Non-Athletic/Co-Ed Teams

C.O.S.A., S.O. and Extracurricular Activities

Advisor, Mr.Reilly (rm. B45)
718-595-8400 ext. 2492

School is more than just academics; so get involved and take advantage of all that Newtown has to offer! In room B45 you will find the center for student activities and student government. The Student Organization (S.O.) is reponsible for extracurricular activities.

Clubs at Newtown

  • Arista
  • Art Portfolio
  • Bangladesh Club
  • Chinese Culture/Literary Club
  • Debate Team
  • Ecology Team
  • Filipino Club
  • French Club
  • Hiking Club
  • Indian Club
  • Key Club
  • Korean Culture/Literary Club
  • Leadership
  • Math League
  • Mu Alpha Theta
  • Photo Club
  • Play Production
  • Senior Council
  • Spanish Club
  • Student Organization (S.O.)
  • The Tower (newspaper)
  • Yearbook Staff