General Information

Parent Coordinator: Ms. Zapata

RM 137F

Newtown’s Parent Coordinator is available to assist parents with any questions or concerns about their child’s education. The parent coordinator also will supply parents with a password to track their child’s progress online through DAEDALUS and ARIS systems.

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College Pathways

Come join us on Saturday Nov 19th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM for College Pathways.


Report Card

See school calendar for report card distribution dates: link

* Report cards are issued during your child’s second or ninth period class
* Grades of 65% and above are considered passing
* Review your child’s attendance for each class. The number of absences should be the same for each
* If your child achieves Honor Roll (above 85% average) s/he should consider joining the
National Honor Society (
* If your child receives a grade of 60% or below in any subject, s/he should follow through with tutoring
or Newtown’s Saturday Academy
* Failed courses should be made up during summer school or Extended Day

Parent Teacher Association

See school calendar for PTA Meeting dates: link

Join the PTA and help to unify the Newtown community! If you are willing to help or have any
question, please contact the PTA President:

PTA President
Newtown High School
48-01 90th Street
Elmhurst, NY 11373

Current PTA President: Debora Martinez