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Hall of Fame

William C. Brennan
Class of 1936
Justice, NY State Supreme Court
Muriel Drummond Platt
Class of 1923
Historian; Educator
Mario J. Cariello
Class of 1924
Justice, NY State Supreme Court
John F. Scileppi
Class of 1921
Justice, NY State Supreme Court
Jameson L. Chassin
Class of 1937
Director of Surgery
Eugene O’Neill
Class of 1936
Communication Technologist; Telstar Engineer
Joseph F. Donelan, Jr.
Class of 1935
U.S.Govt/Foreign Service
State Dept./Asst.Secretary/Admn.
Frank J. Giaccio
Class of 1936
Scientific Engineer; Program Specialist
Peter T. Farrell
Class of 1918
Justice, NY State Supreme Court
Frank A. Gulotta
Class of 1925
Presiding Justice, Appellate Division, NY State Supreme Court
Ross Fleisig
Class of 1939
Engineer; Lunar Flight Program Director
William Leuchtenburg
Class of 1939
Historian; Educator
William G. Giaccio
Class of 1939
Justice, NY State Supreme Court
Henry Viscardi, Jr.
Class of 1930
Herbert J. Gute
Class of 1929
Artist; Educator
John Nucatola
Class of 1926
Supervisor of Officials, NBA
Joseph F. Lisa
Class of 1954
NY State Assemblyman
Frank Padavan
Class of 1954
NY State Senator
Raymond G. Lumpp
Class of 1941
Olympic Gold Medalist; Director, NYAC
Rise Stevens
Class of 1932
Metropolitan Opera Star
Agnes Geraghty McAndrews
Class of 1928
Olympic Silver Medalist; Swimming
George V. Cook
Class of 1944
Chief Counsel; Corporate Director
Michael J. Murphy
Class of 1931
NYC Police Commissioner
Carl B. Boyer
Class of 1924
Historian of Mathematics
Frank D. O’Connor
Class of 1928
Justice; NY State Supreme Court
Henry Drewitz
Class of 1940
Board Chairman and President Astoria Federal Savings
Lawrence M. O’Neill
Class of 1955
Engineer; Consultant
Mark Siegler
Class of 1959
M.D.: Director, Clinical Medical Ethics, V. of Chicago Medical School
Caesar B. Pattarin
Class of 1940
Port of NY & NJ Administration
Joseph C. Montllor
Class of 1935
Foreign Service Officer; US Department of State
Reginald Pearman
Class of 1943
Education Program Specialist; US HEW Dept.
Richard A. Grasso
Class of June 1964
President: New York Stock Exchange
Richard Pearson
Class of 1938
Educator; College Administrator
Omar Minaya
Class of 1978
General Manager of NY Mets
Sandy Becker
Class of 19**
Host of Children Show
Estee Lauder
Founded Estee Lauder Cosmetics
Caroll O’Connor
Class of 19**
Don Rickles
Class of 19**